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Sunday, February 12, 2012

GelColor by OPI

I don't even know where to start. But what I do know, is that this GelColor by OPI is by far the best thing to happen to my nails. I cant get over how well this stays on my nails and how shiny they look the whole time!
I have gotten the regular shellac CND polish on my nails for quite some time now. I've had it both on just my regular nails and over acrylic nails before. I find that the CND works best on acrylic nails because it does not chip as easy. When it's just on bare nails, it chips within the first week. Which still lasts longer than regular nail polish and is why I was getting it done in the first place. 

GelColor by OPI is not like your normal gel and polish hybrids. OPI’s formula is 100% gel.  It lasts for two to three weeks while maintaining a glossy shine. GelColor application requires a LED/UV lamp to cure for 30 seconds per coat. And there is no dry time! After the last curing process, you spray your nails with alcohol, then wipe them each with a paper towel and BAM! You're done!

The removal process takes about 15 mins. You have to soak your nails in acetone to soften the polish, and then you take this nail scraper thing (don't know what the name of it is) and scrape the polish off. Which usually the polish comes off in thick pieces. And whatever doesn't come off, you continue to soak your nails until it does. Doing it this way, is the least damaging to the nail. Of course you could just peel the polish off, but you are also peeling off a thin layer of your nail as well, when you do this. I still do this sometimes though because I have a bad habit of picking! LOL. 

There is 18 different colors to choose from.

The color I currently have on my nails is Strawberry Margarita. It is the perfect pink color!

Overall, I really do recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting shellac on their nails. It's the next best thing next to acrylics and way less damaging of course. It is a lot more natural looking. So if that is something you like, than try this. Depending on the nail salon you go to, the prices range of course. I pay about $25 for it every 3 weeks. You could of course by all the stuff required to do this yourself, but it is pretty pricey. The LED/UV lights range from $30 to $300. Might be worth it though in the long run if you don't mind doing your own nails.

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  1. I thought you did them Rach! I was going to have you do mine too. LOL. Love the pink color.

  2. Nope lol. I could if i bought the stuff to do it. But then i would start charging people! haha